The Power of Two

"Are you your brother's or sister's keeper?" "Do you have friends or relatives that you know are not very diligent about protecting themselves on the internet?"


"The Power of Two" program is a simple way to help. If each of us makes it a point to first understand and then remind two others about the dangers of the internet, we can put a serious dent in the amount of cybercrime committed.


If you pass on the information about protecting yourself on the internet to two others and each of them pass the information on to two others and the process continues for 29 iterations, then everyone in the United States will have been informed!


For those of you interested in how this can be, find a scientific calculator and check that 2 to the 29th power equals 536,870,912. According to the census bureau the population of the United States in 2017 was about 325,700,000.


Here is a fundamental item that should be disseminated:


Protect yourself by using a password manager that can generate and store your passwords in a protected (encrypted) manner.


There are a number of password manager programs available. Obviously we would hope that a lot of people will buy a TegoStuff drive and use the embedded password manager on the drive. However, as long as people take the threat seriously and start to use a decent password manager program, then you and the TegoStuff staff will have made a contribution to internet safety. We will once again witness "The Power of Two"!


Check back periodically for additional suggestions.


Thank you and be safe!