Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Getting payroll running after a server crash can be top priority. Accounting and operational data recovery is also high priority. While many companies hawk their backup system, the real proof of the value of a system is the restore. Many of the companies offering backup systems have never actually done a restore, let alone with 110 employees waiting to see if you can get the system running again so they can get their paychecks today. We have been assisting companies with data recovery for over 30 years, and yes, we did a restore in that pressure situation and the 110 employees got paid.

Disaster recovery is a term used to describe activities associated with rebuilding your systems after a fire, flood or other tragedy that causes the complete destruction of your computers and network. Disaster recovery is accomplished by making sure that an off-site system is ready to run if your main facility gets damaged. Disaster recovery has become less expensive now that backup systems in the cloud are available.

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