Saving Personal Files

There is a folder labeled Data on the TegoStuff drive. We suggest that you keep all your data files in this directory or within some subdirectories.


For example, you may want to keep information such as your car's license plate number or VIN (vehicle identification number) on your drive so that if your car is stolen you have that information readily available to give to the police. You may also want to keep a file of emergency phone numbers or contacts. You may want to have notes that remind you of restaurants that you have been to that you would like to go to again if you are ever in the area of the restaurant.


This type of information is not sensitive. Chances are that you would not care if someone found this type of information. So, this type of information can be stored on the TegoStuff drive in a standard format.


Other information such as credit card numbers, driver's license number, passport information should be kept securely. Files that contain that type of information should be stored in an encrypted format. It might make sense for you to store all your encrypted data in a subfolder that you might label "Private", "Protected" or any other way that indicates that the files in this subfolder are sensitive.


If your Data folder has a single subfolder labeled "Protected", you can set the synchronization programs on the TegoStuff drive to sync all the files in the "Protected" subfolder to one location on your PC or cloud storage service and all the rest of the files can be synced to a different location.