What if I lose my TegoStuff?

In the event that you lose your TegoStuff and you have backed up everything that was on it as recommended, the information can be transferred to a new TegoStuff. After the new drive is setup, you should change the master password on the password manager. Depending on what has happened since you lost the drive, you may need to make other defensive change.


Obviously, if you lose your TegoStuff and have no electronic or physical backups of the information that was on it, then you have a serious problem. Please note that we install a Lost&Found text file in the root directory of each TegoStuff we sell.


The contents of the text file labeled Lost&Found reads:



If you have found this flash drive please email:




Please put 12345 in the Subject line of the email


Thank you


TegoStuff Support Staff


Note that 12345 would be replaced with the actual serial number of your lost drive. We maintain a list of all TegoStuff owners by serial number, so if we get an email reply from the person who found the drive, we can notify you. If you did not include any other identifying information in unencrypted files, the finder of the lost TegoStuff will not know whose drive they have found. This may deter them from trying to maliciously benefit from finding the drive.